Interesting destinations in Spain


Madrid is Spain’s capital;  a beautiful historic city with diverse architecture and surrounded by monuments, squares,  parks and world-renowned museums. With a population of close to 7 million,  Madrid is the third-largest city in the European Union; it also hosts the official residence of the Spanish Monarch, the World Tourism Organisation and several major international institutions.

In tennis, Madrid sets an example in the quantity of elite clubs and the diverse schedule of tournaments for all ages, including ITF Senior Circuit tournaments.

In May, Madrid hosts the fourth ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournament and the Madrid Open, which brings together the best Men’s and Women’s professionals of the ATP circuit.


Alicante is the second-largest city in the autonomous community of Valencia, with beaches on the Mediterranean seaside from north to south; it is a great tourist and sporting destination. This city has a Mediterranean climate with average temperatures between 14°C in winter and 30°C in summer, and an average of 30 days of rain per year, which makes Alicante a very interesting destination to practice tennis.

Alicante offers all sorts of tourist services; beautiful beaches, outings, a sporting port, trains and transport services, shopping & leisure centres. It also has excellent terrestrial and flight connections to the major European cities and capitals.

In Alicante, Spain Tennis Travel schedules several summer camps and training weeks using numerous tennis clubs where top 100 ATP players are training. The level of tennis in the city is amongst the highest in the province and the country, having had two top 10 ATP players (Juan Carlos Ferrero & David Ferrer) and several European Juniors Champions. Additionally, if you intend to train and compete in the highest level, the Alicante province hosts numerous high-demand tournaments.


Benidorm is, without a doubt, one of the best destinations for a tennis camp, a family vacation, or a training season.  The city located along the Mediterranean seaside has excellent white-sand beaches, skyscrapers, 3 to 5-star hotels, stores, a wide-range of restaurants, all surrounded by a privileged natural setting. This makes the perfect balance of an intense tennis program, leisure, and fun.

Spain Tennis Travel recommends this destination for groups of junior players that are looking for an unforgettable Spanish experience. In Benidorm, players can add to their training, numerous recreational activities such as: amusement parks, water parks, water activities, mountain trips, and countless beach games.

Players can train in any type of court surface in Benidorm’s numerous tennis clubs and compete within a 40Km radius in high level federated tournaments.


Majorca is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It receives about 12 million tourists per year and this is why we have included as a main destination in  Spain Tennis Travel.  It also has great leisure centres, good infrastructure, a maritime port, and a modern airport with connections to the main Spanish and European cities, primarily United Kingdom and Germany.

Even though Majorca is an island dedicated to the tourism sector, it has a surprisingly high level of players, tennis clubs and academies. This includes two former ATP World Tour #1 players; Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal who were both born and trained in Majorca.


Barcelona, together with Madrid,  is one of the most enchanting cities in Spain. This wonderful city located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea has a spectacular tourist development and is one of the most visited European destinations.

Barcelona has a superb infrastructure, including one of the most important ports in Europe, a high speed rail, a modern airport and excellent terrestrial connections. It is also famous as a global city for its cultural, financial, commercial, and tourist significance.

Tennis development in Barcelona is one of the highest in Spain, several of the ATP professionals have gone through its tennis clubs and academies. Together with Valencia, Alicante and Mallorca, Barcelona has the highest tennis level in Spain and the world.

In April, Barcelona holds the prestigious ATP 500 Barcelona Open tournament which has received all of the most important world figures of tennis.


Valencia is another great destination recommended by  STT. The capital of the autonomous community of Valencia is a modern and cosmopolitan city, it offers pleasant weather on the shores of the Mediterranean and due to the great influx of tourists, it has a complete and modern service sector. Among its tourist attractions there are beaches, lakes, and parks as well as a modern architectural development connected with a vast ancient city centre of great beauty and cultural value.

Valencia offers excellent infrastructure, airports, high speed rail, motorways, and a maritime port. Visitors can enjoy a secure and diverse cultural and tourist city.

Tennis deveoplment in Valencia has a very high level, with more than 50 tennis clubs and academies in which ATP players train. It also has numerous national and international tournaments in the circuit for all ages and the ITF Senior Circuit.

Valencia is hots to important sporting events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Americas Cup and the ATP 500 Valencia Open tennis tournament.


Marbella is a beautiful coastal city located in southern Spain between Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar. It is one of the most important tourist cities of Costa del Sol and the chosen by several famous personalities as a vacation destination or permanent residence. This city is fun and cosmopolitan and has a great music and leisure calendar of events. The weather in Marbella offers an average temperature of 18°C thanks to its mountain and seaside microclimate.

Great infrastructure, airports, a luxury port and countless recreational, cultural, and dining activities make Marbella an enchanting city.

We recommend Marbella as an excellent sporting and tennis destination due to the 5-star hotels and first-class private tennis & golf clubs.

In this city you could perfect your tennis game alongside our professionals and  Spain Tennis Travel  programs, take part in high-level tournaments, and enjoy the secure and pleasant surroundings.