Juniors training programs

In Spain Tennis Travel we are professionals in the teaching of tennis for more than 20 years and our Coaches have extensive experience in the development of Junior players. From its first stages in training, the perfection of technique, mental development and the first experiences in national tournaments Junior players have in the Spain Tennis Travel professionals a real support and technical advice to progress properly towards their development as successful Juniors players.

Once the age of the tennis player is advanced, the requirement is even greater and the progression depends to a large extent on an adequate program that balances between the training sessions on the court and a demanding tournament schedule appropriate to the level of each athlete. For this, from Spain Tennis Travel we offer the best tennis training programs to junior tennis players, hand-in-hand with our tennis professionals.

Contact us and we will advise you on the program and the training center that best suits your needs.


We know training sessions are the basis for perfection, that’s why they are one of Spain Tennis Travel’s priorities. Trainings are held twice a day during the morning and afternoon; players are in court between 4 and 6 hours a day in groups of no more than 4 people per coach.

All athletes registered in the training program will perform a full initial assessment that will allow the coach to develop an individual training plan. This thorough evaluation will aid us in considering all technical, strategic & mental levels of the game.

Once the initial assessment is complete, the next step is to develop the training program based on the athlete’s needs, to achieve the maximum performance in their game.

In Spain Tennis Travel we have the most comprehensive training plan available for players and this includes technical sessions on court, physical & mental conditioning, programmed matches & high-level official competitions.

Tournaments & Competitions

In  Spain Tennis Travel we recommend Spain as a leader in tennis development due to its vast experience in managing and creating tennis players. The tournament calendar is very extensive and demanding and this motivates our athletes to achieve maximum performance and effort in their matches. Considering that 75% of professional tennis players are European and many of them are training in Spain, this country is the link between the EU countries and the tennis circuit.

In the main spots recommended by Spain Tennis Travel in Spain, players can play a federated tournament per week in any age category between 8 and 18. Our centres also offer numerous friendly matches so that the player can maintain a high and constant competition level.
Spain Tennis Travel manages the federation licence for each player in our program.

The circuits and tournaments in which Spain Tennis Travel players can participate are:

Spain Tennis Travel will guide and assess each player in making the right decision depending on level, experience and career goals.

Physical conditioning

The physical trainers in  Spain Tennis Travel know the importance of developing physical fitness in tennis players. Matches are currently more demanding and our trainers work with the coach to develop a personalised plan for each athlete.

Physical training sessions are integrated with tactics & mental technical work and last for 60 to 90 minutes per day. The aspects developed are resistance, reaction speed, balance, power, flexibility and injury avoidance. Training is spread out in morning and afternoon sessions accompanied by the physical trainer thus our athletes are being coordinated & assessed by Spain Tennis Travel professionals.

Each physical conditioning training session starts and ends with a 15 minute warm-up to improve performance and muscle elasticity. Apart from working outside of the court, the gym, or the beach, we also carry out training sessions with the coaches inside the court for a specific tennis work.

Athletes registered in the Spain Tennis Travel training program can improve their physical qualities and use them together with other techniques to benefit their tennis game in general.

Mental Conditioning & Performance

In our Spain Tennis Travel training centres we have the best professionals in Spain for our players.

Mental preparation, technical-tactical & physical training are the most important elements for pushing a player to improve his performance to their maximum abilities.

During our training programs we perform a continuous assessment of emotional control and we give effective strategies to improve aspects like fear, pressure or aggressiveness. In Spain Tennis Travel, our coaches know firsthand how to guide the player to develop the mental potential necessary to face the rhythm of competition. Due to the individuality of tennis, we prioritise attitude and we teach behavioural and personal motivation strategies.

Self-esteem, self-confidence and perseverance are key elements in mental preparation training developed by Spain Tennis Travel professionals and they are strengthened daily during our players’ training sessions. Our mental conditioning program enhances all positive elements of the player in and out of the court.

Accommodation & Residency

In Spain Tennis Travel we wish to provide our players the best and most diverse stay in Spain and we select the option that best fits the length and characteristics of the training program. Our players can enjoy the experience of living with their training group while being supervised by our team of coaches.

Spain Tennis Travel organises a package trip to Spain and all details are arranged so that the athlete can focus in perfecting his tennis and enjoying the experience.

The accommodation and residency options we offer are:

Accommodation & Residency options

  • 3,  4  &  5  Star Hotels
  • Chalets  & Villas for Rent.
  • Accommodation in the Academy or  Tennis Club.
  • Residency in Host family house or Coaches’ house (for long stays and annual program)

Our services include

  • 24 hour supervision by our  coaches or Spain Tennis Travel representative.
  • Supervision of schedule,  conduct & diet.
  • Transportation.
  • Cooking  and daily meals.
  • Cleaning Service.
  • Wi-Fi.

We can also arrange any additional request for accommodation and residency. Please contact us.

Leisure & free time

Spain Tennis Travel offers a leisure & free time program to make the travel & training experience more fulfilling, the program is prepared so that players put aside the rigours of training and enjoy the attractive and fun company of their group of friends.

Spain Tennis Travel offers numerous tourist and fun options in the Spanish cities where we offer our services. The activities we offer are:

Activities we offer are:

  • Additional sports (football, basketball, beach volleyball)
  • Beaches in all our destinations (except Madrid)
  • Cable Ski
  • Hiking/walks
  • Amusement parks
  • Bike riding
  • Water parks
  • Pools
  • Museums
  • Kayaks
  • Bowling
  • Cinema